Welcome to the 2019 McLaughlin Garden online auction

Our online auction bidding is now closed

This year our annual auction is online only, but we still have our signature trips and a few extras to offer, all just in time for the holiday season. Bidding will close at midnight on Tuesday December 17th and don’t forget to leave your contact information and what item your bidding on so that we may contact you if you are the lucky bidder. All proceeds from this benefit auction go directly to helping us keep our garden and events growing!
In 2017, the board of directors of the McLaughlin Foundation approved a new Master Plan for the McLaughlin Garden & Homestead, stewarding it into the future.  The Master plan includes new features that will enhance our visitors’ experience, including a visitors center with more amenities and new gardens that will complement and expand the cultivated landscape. This new plan builds on the legacy of Bernard McLaughlin but also offers more vitality for our audience of children, families, community members and tourists from across the nation. In 2019 we are raising funds for the first phase of the project, including:  A new woodland garden project and  new signage to improve the visibility of the garden and the garden parking area for visitors driving along busy route 26. We are also raising funds to expand our programming to appeal to a wider variety of interests. We have a treasure right here in the heart of the Oxford Hills and we hope  to share this treasure with as many people as possible. McLaughlin Garden and Homestead is the perfect place to share experiences with each other, appreciate the wonders of being outdoors in nature, learn about plants and gardening, and simply get in touch with the beauty that surrounds us.  Read more about Bernard and his garden here

Bid high, and have fun!

ONLINE BIDDING IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE 2019 AUCTION CATALOG!  Thank you for participating in the online auction.